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At Cornerstone Mortgage & Finance we have insurance solutions for most things and have access to a number of insurers to make sure you get the very best insurance for you.


Life Insurance

By taking out a life insurance policy, you can protect your loved ones from financial hardship, even after your death.

We utilise major insurance companies in the United Kingdom in order to provide our clients with a wide range of products supported by reputable insurance companies.

We employ the latest in technology to help us deliver the most up-todate products to our customers.


Building Insurance

Your home and everything in it are probably your most important assets. So you naturally want the peace of mind of knowing you have it all covered.

You may be looking for insurance for your house, your contents or both. Because we are an independent broker, Cornerstone can shop around and will do our best to save you money. And thanks to our relationships with insurers, we can search for a policy which meets your precise personal needs.


Critical Illness

We never think a critical illness is going to happen to us, especially when we feel fit and healthy, but it can and does. Help make sure you're protected from as little as £6 a month.

Critical Illness Cover can be added to our life insurance policies at an additional cost

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